WM managed MDI (was Re: Three different tab implementations)

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Tue Feb 4 19:49:12 GMT 2003

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> Nevertheless QextMDI can be compiled in Qt-only mode where it redirects its
> base classes from KDE to Qt classes. In this case it compiles the
> KDockWidget class set into the libary to have them also on Win32.
> > Maybe simply QextMDI should be simply used, and
> > be extended to the WM way.
> I'd second this. For those who want to have a look at the code, a current
> code copy is currently in the kdevelop cvs module (HEAD) in /lib/qextmdi
> based on the Makefile.am project type.
Would second that, too ;)
QExtMdi would be a good base for the "kmdi lib" or how ever we call it. It 
perhaps needs some cleanups and enhancements to support splitting and 
(perhaps) IDEA style mdi modes, too, but better start with something actually 
working allready since some years than with nothing.
We could cleanup it a bit, rename it to something which would fit better with 
the rest of the kdelibs naming scheme and put it experminental in kdelibs for 
3.2 and add it to the public libs at least for 4.0 after it's cleanup is 
completed and it's interfaces have stabilizied if it won't be ready for 3.2, 
or ?


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