Binary incompat Fridays?

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Tue Feb 4 19:02:44 GMT 2003

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Perhaps then instead of calling it BC Fridays, we should call it API Fridays.

I mean that there shouldn't be major changes or additions to kdelibs except on 
Fridays.  It's really annoying to update part of cvs and  find that I have to 
recompile kdelibs again.

It'd be nice if kmail reported kdelibs and kmail as non-misspelt words, btw ;)

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On Tuesday 04 February 2003 10:49, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> Hi...
> I'm cleaning up the KPopupMenu context menu support API a bit based on
> developer feedback and some further examination. Basically it's renaming a
> method or two and taking const'ness into consideration. These changes are
> not BC.
> Are we doing "BC Fridays" again for 3.2 where we commit BC issues only on
> Friday (or whatever day)?
> I know that BC commits should be relatively rare given that we aren't
> breaking APIs that were released in previous versions, but I'd still like
> to minimize the pain of reworking new APIs for others.

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