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Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Mon Feb 3 19:22:27 GMT 2003

What's wrong with Space Shuttle's per se (apart from the fact that they are
stone age old and the fleet should be replaced by a new one imho)?
There are so many people dying in car accidents each day - still people
don't have any problems showing them.

If the photo was a photo of the Columbia or Challenger then this might be a
problem though.


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> Yes, I know this is odd, but I was just printing something and noticed the
> default "printing example" for layout in KPrinter -- a space shuttle
taking off.
> Given the recent events I thought it might be somewhat tasteful to change
> (possibly even in BRANCH).  I fired up KPrinter today and I was like, oh,
> ouch.  I think for some time, it probably won't conjure up fond thoughts.
> If anyone's violently opposed to this; I don't care about it that much,
but I
> thought it was at least a worthwhile suggestion.
> Cheers,
> -Scott

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