WM managed MDI (was Re: Three different tab implementations)

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Mon Feb 3 14:12:51 GMT 2003

> On Monday 03 of February 2003 14:16, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > On Monday February 03, 2003 04:55, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> > > It would be good to hear how KDevelop should look like
It's so simple, it should look like the programmers are used to it.
This is fulfilled currently:
- MSVC look by Childframe mode
- Delphi/BorlandC++ look by Toplevel mode
- IDEA look by IDEAl mode
- KDEStudio and old KDevelop-1 look by TabPage mode
These are well-known, accepted and tested UI modes. It doesn't make sense to
me to change that. Spoken for myself, I like IDEs with the Childframe UI
mode look. I hate it to constantly switch between virtual desktops and to have
alien windows among the KDevelop views.

>  I suppose the windows for C++ files should be organized in some way. If
> every 
> new window with C++ file will be simply "shown somewhere", then I think
> it's 
> much better to use tabs inside of KDevelop which will place it so that it 
> doesn't cover other important windows yet it takes as much space as
> possible. 
It depends on what you want to do. For editing it's often good to have the
maximum view size. For comparing I often want to place views side by side or
somehow cascaded. Tabbed mode doesn't allow the latter or restricts it to a
special splitterview-based solution. Here, it makes sense to use Childframe or
Toplevel UI mode.

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