Three different tab implementations

Christoph Cullmann chrcul at
Mon Feb 3 08:13:30 GMT 2003

>(Read my other mail first as this one continues along that line)

>Why is this impossible? We have a settings->configure shortcuts in
>(XMLGUI I think) already, so what's stopping us from adding a
>configuration there too if the window manager provides the reuqired
means? It
>would give all apps based on kdelibs (or gnome libs if it becomes a
>standard) the integration that we want, and it cuts down MASSIVELY on
>duplication and app-level support.
Because my mail did speak about Christian's idea of having this support
only on the WM side, if we
handle the stuff in the libs, that is no problem, but only having some
tabbing code in the WM without the
possibility of talking with the WM in a sane was is no way to replace
the current mdi code in the apps.
My whole point is that we need some lib support to handle that right and
to give the apps some way to
talk in a easy to use way with the wm about where and how to place the
windows, where to tab, where to "split", ....


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