[PATCH] reduce memory consumption by ~ 1.5MB

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Mon Dec 29 15:52:31 GMT 2003


this patch reduces memory consumption of a minimal KDE session by roughly 
1.5-2MB by not linking the vorbisenc library. it contains a accoustic model 
which is embedded as unshared, relocated data, producing major start time 
overhead and memory footprint. Removing the default linkage removes it from 
all arts-using applications or applications using arts-like plugins (like the 
audiopreview one for konqueror). 

I've looked through all of KDE CVS sources, there doesn't seem to be an 
implicit assumption of being linked against libvorbisenc anywhere. 
of course, some weird 3rd party thing might assume it though. The question 
is, can we break compatibility here. I think yes. 

Below is the patch, works fine for me, reducing memory usage by ~ 2MB for me. 

Please review.


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