XServer memory usage: xrestop

Rolf Magnus ramagnus at kde.org
Mon Dec 29 14:34:06 GMT 2003

On Monday 29 December 2003 12:38, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> KDE apps in general seem to use a lot of graphic contexts and a lot of
> "wins". Is this a actually a problem ?
> If yes, how can this be improved ? Or is it all deep inside Qt ?
> konqy uses some of pixmap memory, xmms uses much more, OOo writer seems to
> use less. I guess the pixmap memory s used for the icons ?

I am wondering how much memory could be saved by loading common icons and 
style pixmaps not in every process, but rather in a pixmap server and then 
transferring the pixmap id to the programs that need them. The actual pixmap 
would be needed only once in the pixmap server, and not in every program.
I think someone (Waldo?) already tried doing that, but for improving startup 
speed by saving all the icon loading, but I think it was too slow in the end 
due to IPC or something.

> Anything else ? 
> (styles, images in html pages, ...)

Some widgets are double buffered to reduce flicker. That buffer is in a 
pixmap, too.

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