long long support for kdDebug

Shaheed srhaque at iee.org
Sun Dec 28 18:08:07 GMT 2003

On Sunday 28 December 2003 17:36, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Saturday 27 December 2003 10:40 schrieb Shaheed:
> > After all, "long long" is no more guaranteed to be 64 bit than "int" is
> > guaranteed to be 32. The Qt types are there for portability, and we may
> > as well use them.
> Who cares how many bits it has for the debug output?

I do. If I have gone to the effort of trying to debug something, why would I 
NOT want to be absolutely clear what I was printing?

Also, the number of times questions have come up on this list with regard to 
correct handling of 64 bit systems make it clear to me that not everyone on 
this list is a portability expert: it therefore seems obvious that we should, 
where we can, make explicit use of the definitions provided to help us avoid 

Thanks, Shaheed

P.S. I am not claiming I am a portability expert...but I am familiar with what 
is probably some of the best portability documentation in the C/C++ world: 
the Oracle C Coding Standards. Though this document and rationale it contains 
is not publicly available, you can see the results as far as integer sizes 
are concerned on any system with the Oracle headers installed (the Oracle 
programming docs give only a cursory explanation).

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