USENIX 2004 abstracts - again

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Wed Dec 24 23:02:41 GMT 2003

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to bug you people again, I would like to have some time off from any 
computerstuff like anyone else on christmas. Unfortunately, this is not 
possible. I need abstracts of talks, wether you are willing to give them or 
not. In case your talk gets selected, but you can't come because of xyz, we 
will find a solution when we are at that point.

However, I need abstracts. This is the #1 chance for KDE to present its 
technology in front of a USENIX audience in the US and I think everyone 
understands that for promoting KDE in the US this has a major importance.

Please send in Abstracts of 2-3 pages, screenshots included, to me until the 
weekend. This is *not* so much work than it seems to be. Gather on IRC so you 
can schedule who is going to talk about what.

Merry Christmas and happy writing,

We're not a company, we just produce better code at less costs.
Ralf Nolden
nolden at

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