What not to be doing - syscall()

Adriaan de Groot adridg at cs.kun.nl
Tue Dec 23 13:21:18 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 23 December 2003 11:56, Frans Englich wrote:
> Throughout the kde sources getlogin(), unistd.h is used instead of the
> KUser class. Besides the performance difference(if you could argue it
> matter in this case), is there any other reasons to prefer getlogin()?
> According to the manpages getlogin() is evil. Does it matter when it comes
> to portability? What is the preferred method?

Note also that there's the KUser class in kdeadmin/kuser and the totally 
different (and much neater) one in kdelibs.

As for the syscall() in kuser/quota.cpp, I'll deal with it, I seem to be the 
schmuck^Wmaintainer for it right now.

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