RFC on default settings

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Dec 22 19:21:11 GMT 2003

On Monday 22 December 2003 20:13, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Monday 22 December 2003 19:55, David Faure wrote:
> > My example was slightly flawed indeed - konq's own I/O operations indeed
> > don't appear there (just like they don't pop up a progress dialog window
> > when not using the all-in-one listview).
> > Minicli's stat, however, must give some feedback, hence the progress dialog
> > that appears if the site takes more than a few seconds to answer.
> That's why I explicitly mentioned stat jobs to be excluded from the window no 
> matter what :)

Ah, I see your point. It would defeat a little bit the "show ALL network operations
in on window" idea, if a long stat would pop up its own dialog though... So maybe
it's better to make the icon appear in such a case, after all - we need a way for
the user to cancel it, so it has to be either progress window or icon for the listview,
we can't just hide the whole thing.

> Hmm, I'm pretty sure the KMail systray icon is not there if there's no mail 
> and I'm 100% sure the KWallet icon is not there on a default config if the 
> wallet is not in use.
Yes - but once it's there, it remains there :)

> I don't see a problem with icons coming and going as long as there is a good 
> cause-and-effect situation for the user and the icon is not going to become a 
> flashlight coming and going every second or so.
True. OK.

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