RFC on default settings

Troels Tolstrup troels at tolstrup.org
Mon Dec 22 17:21:50 GMT 2003

On Monday 22 December 2003 20:16, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> The shade action is useful and does nothing harmful.

Actually i think it is quite "harmful".

First of all, if you activate it by accident it can be non trivial to undo. 
(that is if you didn't intentionally double click on the title bar) Yes, 
you can also right click and undo it, but how many will think of that?

Its behavior is very strange if you don't know it already. I remember the 
first time i turned it on, and the way the window kept appearing when i 
hovered the mouse over the title bar, and dissapearing when i moved it out 
again sure did confuse me. (and i still find it annoying)

I think a default of maximize would be a lot less hurtful for people not 
used to shading windows, or even a default of doing nothing.


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