problems with "init_khtmlimagepart" on FreeBSD

Andy Fawcett andy at
Sun Dec 21 17:02:56 GMT 2003

On Sunday 21 December 2003 18:51, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Sunday 21 December 2003 17:42, Andy Fawcett wrote:
> > We've had similar missing symbols in init_* code before, once in
> > the Kopete MSN plugin, and once somewhere in kdelibs (and I can't
> > recall where exactly). I think it's usually fixed with some
> > dummy.c/cpp magic, but it is beyond my skills.
> Well, the basic problem is that under Linux you can have a
> in $KDEDIR/lib and a in $KDEDIR/lib/kde3, the latter being
> modules rather than shared libs like plugins, kparts and similar
> objects.

Ah yes, I remember the discussion now.

> Under many other platforms _ALL_ shared objects get the 'lib' prefix,
> leaving you with two files in different locations. And to
> make the disaster complete the wrong one is often picked up.
> The solution is to NEVER have both a and a (This
> means that we should rename libkopete before we can make Kopete a
> kdeinit app btw ;-)
> What does
>    find $KDEDIR -name '*khtmlimagepart*'
> return for you?

$ find /usr/local/kde-head/ -name '*khtmlimagepart*'


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