problems with "init_khtmlimagepart" on FreeBSD

Andy Fawcett andy at
Sun Dec 21 16:42:44 GMT 2003


Once again we have on FreeBSD the problem of a missing symbol in a part. 
I'm not entirely sure how long this has been like it. At least three 
weeks, according to a comment on IRC.

From a konsole, while loading a gif with a full URL in konqi, such as

kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: Undefined symbol 
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: The library khtmlimagepart does not offer 
an init_khtmlimagepart function.

We've had similar missing symbols in init_* code before, once in the 
Kopete MSN plugin, and once somewhere in kdelibs (and I can't recall 
where exactly). I think it's usually fixed with some dummy.c/cpp magic, 
but it is beyond my skills.



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