RFC on default settings

Martijn Klingens klingens at kde.org
Sun Dec 21 12:21:04 GMT 2003

On Sunday 21 December 2003 13:17, Anders Lund wrote:
> A discussion on #kde today revealed a shortcut related bug or mistake for
> me: If SHIFT + Insert is used as an alternative to CTRL + V ("paste
> clipboard"), a shortcut for "paste selection" is missing.
> So we should either remove it as an alternative, or make the choice between
> the two functionalities clear somehow.

AFAIK that's on purpose since selection is a mouse only thing. You need to 
select by mouse (often it won't work with keyboard selections) to set 
selection in the first place, and you MMB to paste it. Also, selection is 
pasted at the place where you click rather than the cursor position, which is 
hard to catch with a keyboard shortcut.


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