RFC on default settings

Anders Lund anders.lund at lund.tdcadsl.dk
Sun Dec 21 10:30:31 GMT 2003

On Sunday 21 December 2003 10:45, Clarence Dang wrote:
> 1. Double-clicking on window title goes from Shade -> Maximize.  I have
> never actually seen someone intentionally shade a window.

I use shading to organize applications with many dialogs, like GIMP or 
sodipodi, and also for some windows that i want to look at once in a while 
during work, examples are log viewers, konsole windows with some specific 
command running in them.. 

I'd rather see window decorations designed with use rated over looks, since 
there are maximize buttons in them.

That said, I do realize that few people appreciate shading though.

> 2. Konsole: only visually indicate a beep in the konsole tabs - never
> actually play KDE_Beep_Beep.wav.  Beeping at the user just because s/he
> pressed backspace at the cmdline line or scrolled too far in Vi is not
> friendly at all and borders on annoying.

Please no. The beep is there by tradition, and is a very usefull notification. 
Many users are hiding all the GUI of konsole, which makes the visual 
alternative redundant.


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