[kde-doc-english] KDE Janitors (QA?) Proposal

Robert Guthrie rob at dudsbabyduds.org
Sun Dec 21 14:13:59 GMT 2003

Hi, i saw this thread this morning, the ideas sound great.

I dont know if others do the same as me, but ive been reading all the kde 
mailling lists, running HEAD, and following konq etc's development very 
closely for a year or more now, without contributing back.. yet. I end up 
feeling like a stalker.. reading what all the developers do and learning 
their habits and styles.

I think this kind of knowledge about the workings of the KDE project is 
exactly what a janitor/liason dude needs.. combined with a healthy dose of 
computer science concepts obviously.

I would really like to be involved in this kind of effort, i even like the 
term janitor, it gives it a hardworking yet toothy appeal. :) but if there 
are others against it, i think public liaison dude or something along those 
lines is probably descriptive enough.

Robert Guthrie

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