RFC on default settings

William Leese william at leese.nl
Sat Dec 20 10:17:04 GMT 2003

Helge Deller wrote:
> On Friday 19 December 2003 00:30, Aaron Seigo wrote:
>>	o new setting (current setting)
>>		o notes / rational
> My favorite settings:
> [Konqueror]
> 	- enable tabbed browsing by default
> 	- Open new URL which were clicked outside in current 
> 	  Konqueror as Tab

This last setting leads to confusing behavior in combination with 
virtual desktops. e.g. you have konqueror running on desktop 1, on 
desktop 2 you've just clicked a link sent to you through kopete. Result: 
the link is opened on desktop 1 in the running konqueror session without 
the user being notified in any way.

   - William

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