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Chris Lee clee at kde.org
Sat Dec 20 14:57:57 GMT 2003

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On Saturday 20 December 2003 06:22, Benoit Walter wrote:
> > I've wondered for a while why we have such old-looking "previews" in the
> > Colors module and in the KWin Buttons module. The look of the preview
> > hasn't changed since KDE1... I realize it's extremely unlikely that we'd
> > be able to fix this before the 3.2 release, but I'd like to take a look
> > at using realtime current-style and current-window-deco previews with the
> > Colors module and the KWin Buttons module before KDE 3.3.
> Those kcms are likely to be changed in 3.3 in favor of a single kcm (with a
> single preview).


I fail to see how the color selection KCM and the button placement KCM will be 
merged, but I would love to see it. :)

For an interim solution at least, I'd like them to at least look like they've 
been updated since KDE 1... but maybe that's just a pipe dream.

In any case... I'm looking for support for my patches to the kicker 
"Desktop/Panels" module and the "History Sidebar" module in Konq. Anybody?

- -Chris
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