[kde-doc-english] KDE Janitors (QA?) Proposal

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat Dec 20 14:05:31 GMT 2003

Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Sat December 20 2003 12:36, Philip Rodrigues wrote:


> KDE is a very large project, as a developer it is impossible to be subscribed 
> and follow all mailinglists. A janitor can play an important role here by 
> shielding developers, bug fixers and artists from a lot of the noise on many 
> of the mailinglists and feeding these people the useful bits of information. 

I think positions like this would be extremely good and beneficial
for the development of KDE and its apps.

And Waldo's assessment of the tasks to be covered and the skills
required hits the nail on its head.

The "white paper" of Carlos was a very good initiative. Let's put
some action behind it.

Also, it would pay if we were able to have a session/workshop on this
during our 2004 Conference.

> Another critical success factor might be the name ;-) People might not be 
> lining up to become "Janitor" :-)

"Ombudsman" ?

"Spokesman" ?

"Liaison Officer" ?

"Evangelist" ?

"Product Manager" ?

"Director for QA" ?

"" ?

Kurt    [ volunteering to do what Waldo and Carlos suggested for KDEPrint ]

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