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Chris Lee clee at kde.org
Sat Dec 20 12:56:20 GMT 2003

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So, I was walking through the different control modules in Konqueror before 
and I noticed a few small issues, hopefully ones that will be easy to fix 
before 3.2-final. (This is on CVS from a few hours ago.) After noticing these 
issues in Konq, I started looking at the rest of the KControl modules as 
well, and here are a few notes I compiled afterwards.

In Konqueror's config modules specifically:
- -The "History Sidebar" has a groupbox at the top which has a couple of 
properties that aren't set on the other two groupboxes in the same widget - 
specifically, frameShape and frameShadow. The attached patch fixes this 
- -The "Web Shortcuts" module has a tab. One tab. Why?

In KControl, in general:
- -"Local Network Browsing" also suffers from the single-tab syndrome here.
- -Ugh. Kicker's "Desktop/Panels" config module also suffers from the same 
problem as the "History Sidebar" module. Patch attached.
- -Clicking on the KHotKeys configuration module kills my entire KControl 
session. Even if a module fails to load, that shouldn't kill KControl... 
filing a bugreport now.

I've wondered for a while why we have such old-looking "previews" in the 
Colors module and in the KWin Buttons module. The look of the preview hasn't 
changed since KDE1... I realize it's extremely unlikely that we'd be able to 
fix this before the 3.2 release, but I'd like to take a look at using 
realtime current-style and current-window-deco previews with the Colors 
module and the KWin Buttons module before KDE 3.3.

- -Chris
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