KDE Janitors (QA?) Proposal

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Sat Dec 20 12:40:06 GMT 2003

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On Fri December 19 2003 23:54, Carlos Leonhard Woelz wrote:
> The main idea is to create a community based quality team of non
> developers, that would focus on the whole of individual modules of
> applications, working orthogonally to developers, documenters, users and
> testers, instead of the specific of the whole. In other words think of
> acting upon the whole of Kontact instead of acting upon the whatsthis of
> KDE project. The key idea is attracting people in a way thats both
> interesting to them and more useful to KDE project.This would be the basis
> of a community oriented (instead of company oriented)  effort of improving
> this experience. We have a wonderfull community, kde-look.org, KDE wiki and
> all the translating teams are strong evidence of this.

I think this is a very good initiative indeed and well thought out. If I can 
be of assistance anywhere, please let me know.

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