kmdi in shippable state?

Ravi ravi at
Fri Dec 19 18:37:47 GMT 2003

  I am wondering whether kmdi is in shippable state for KDE 3.2. There are 
still some major issues left:
  1. The documentation is inadequate. Most functions do not have their 
arguments documented, and it is unclear how to use the classes. It is not 
usually clear from context either; for example, pTargetWnd argument of 
KMdiMainFrm::addToolWindow() is rather incomprehensible (what is it, btw?).
  2. Still prone to crashes easily; this is probably because classes are 
easily misused due to lack of proper documentation. For example, a consistent 
reproducible crash occurs with HEAD from 15 minutes ago with the following 
simple 15 line test case:
when you click on the close button; a backtrace can be found at

  I can see other crashes as well. I am aware that it is already used in Kate 
and elsewhere. I don't understand the classes well enough to document them or 
to fix bugs. If documenting everything is not possible, at least a tutorial 
and/or a list of caveats should be available in I am not 
trying to flame here; I would very much like to use kmdi, but have been 
frustrated by the problems noted above.


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