[PATCH] BR57204 mailto: urls don't work when kontact is running.

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Fri Dec 19 17:14:55 GMT 2003

On Friday 19 December 2003 12:04, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> > > > > 2) Intercept calls to start kaddressbook somehow
> > > >
> > > > How about registering kontact as all the names it should answer
> > > > for, on startup ("kmail", "kaddressbook", "korganizer" etc.)
> > > > and having a proxy whose processRequest() loads the
> > > > corresponding part and forwards it the request. From then on,
> > > > either the proxy remains, or better, the proxy deregisters that
> > > > name and lets the part register the real dcop object for that
> > > > name.
> > >
> > > Sounds like a cleaner solution IMHO. But will this also solve the
> > > problem with kdeinitExec() in KApplication::invokeMailer()?
> > >
> > > Any chance to get this stuff done in Osnabrück?
> >
> > Sure, if Waldo agrees that this is the best way... (I don't really
> > have the big picture due to lack of understanding of some
> > KUniqueApplication internals like newInstance, especially the
> > recent changes in that area).
> You would still get different behaviour depending on whether kontact
> is running or not, but other than that it sounds fine with me. What
> are you going to do when kaddressbook is already running?

a) Show a message box which gives the user the possibility to either 
quit the running KAddressBook or to abort starting Kontact.

b) Allow KAddressBook to run at the same time inside Kontact and as 
standalone. Since KABC provides proper locking mechanisms the only 
thing that needs to be considered is the DCOP interface.

c) Simply don't load the address book component in Kontact as long as 
KAddressBook is running. Instead show a blank page with a message which 
tells the user why the component wasn't loaded.

Save for a new string solution c) is probably the best solution.


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