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Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Fri Dec 19 11:59:03 GMT 2003

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On Fri December 19 2003 00:30, Aaron Seigo wrote:
> Launch Feedback:
> 	o bouncy icon (flashy icon)

When I change that setting, kicker seems to restart/crash. The bouncy icon
looks much cuter than the ugly flashing indeed. So: yes.

> KDesktop
> 	o text shadow on desktop icon text (no text shadow)

Yes. Note that the "Defaults" button in kcmshell background is broken with
respect to text shadow.

> 		o a good set of shadow defaults is needed i think. the current one is not
> all that nice looking IMHO

I think the one in current CVS looks very good. (See attachment in private 
mail) The text remains quite good readable across the whole gradient.

> Styles:
> 	o Icons on buttons. (no icons on buttons)
> 		o the button icons now look very nice and would help blend better with
> other common X11 apps
> 		o i've heard the "makes things slower" argument, and truthfully i can't
> see a different even on a PPro 266.

We can just move it a bit on the eye-candy scale in KPersonalizer.

> KEdit:
> 	o Soft line wrapping (no wrap)

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