[PATCH] fix KJS crash on some more strict platforms

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau Friedrich.W.H at Kossebau.de
Fri Dec 19 11:18:51 GMT 2003

Am Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2003 22:20 schrieb Helge Deller:
> This code is at least not very portable.

Oh, what part of the code do you mean by portable? The double alignment 
problem? Or something else? 

> At the first glance it should work, _as_ _long_ as you ensure
> that "Data" is align on a 8 byte (because of P64Bit) boundary.
> Right now it's aligned anywhere, where the compiler puts it.
> Something like:
> typedef union { unsigned char b[8]; double d; } aligned_t;
> aligned_t Data;
> ...
>        P8Bit =  &Data.b[7];
>        P16Bit = &Data.b[6];
>        P32Bit = &Data.b[4];
>        P64Bit = Data.b[0];
          P64Bit = Data.b; // you meant ;)
> should be safer.
> FYI: I tested khexedit right now on my PA (bigendian) machine and it
> worked correctly.
> But maybe it was just pure luck that the compiler aligned it correctly :-)

To be on the safe side I have applied your solution to khexedit.



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