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Dne pá 19. prosince 2003 11:37 Stephan Binner napsal(a):
> On Friday 19 December 2003 00:30, Aaron Seigo wrote:
> > so, with 3.2 approaching, here's a bit of a list for default setting
> > changes i'd like to make.. the format of the list is (sorry, no fancy XML
> I agree to all your suggestions, and have three additional changes in mind:
>  - Change default menu item format to "Description (Name)". The GenericName
>    descriptions are almost complete, and missing ones can be added fast.

I fully agree with that; sometimes my friends come to my house, looking around 
in KDE they can find out how to start programs (from the menu), but when they 
look for an "internet browser" they cannot guess by names like Mozilla or 
Konqueror what it is supposed to be.

>  - Default "Network Information Window"'s system tray icon setting to off.

Yes, please, it's quite useless.

>  - KDE still defaults to non-anti-aliasable fonts and anti-alias is not
>    default? It needs a KPersonalizer run to set anti-aliased fonts. :-(
> Also I can't sign the "KDE cannot change default style with every release"
> and would like more space between menu items and visible toolbar spacers.

So, what will be the default style and WM deco in this release? :) I'm in 
favor to Plastik which looks much more polished and professional than 

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