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Thu Dec 18 16:16:19 GMT 2003

On Thursday 18 of December 2003 15:32, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Hi,
> just to pick up some more suggestions and ideas - one thing that bugs most
> people is that they think KDE is one big chunk of stuff, AKA bloatware.
> While most of this behavior depends on our defaults in startkde, I think it
> would be good to offer people an editor where they can choose which
> programs to start at kde startup. Of course, that would require reading in
> a
> user-dependent startkde file if it exists, otherwise use the system
> default.
> That way admins of large installations can determine the KDE startup a lot
> better and can even replace the windowmanager easier (you could do that
> with a combo box which one to choose for instance). I found out that many
> admins don't know how KDE is started and that it is way easier than they
> think it works to change KDE's startup; on the other hand users are very
> picky as well if they don't want to change system wide files but just make
> their own startup of KDE.
> Seen from that perspective, the startkde script is a really outdated system
> where we should think of something that is easy to customize even for mom
> and dad as well as the sysadmins that have to do their settings, maybe even
> over ldap.
> Any suggestions, ideas ?

 We don't do that much in startkde, it starts kdeinit 
(+dcopserver+kded+klauncher), kcminit, knotify, and ksmserver. These are 
either needed, do only initialization, or are loaded on demand anyway. IMHO 
your editor should simply edit $KDEDIR/share/autostart, which is the place 
where kicker, kdesktop etc. are started. The window manager is a bit 
different, as it's started by ksmserver based on $KDEWM, but I guess a 
configuration option for this could be added somewhere (maybe as 
another .desktop file with some special X-KDE key).

> Ralf

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