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just to pick up some more suggestions and ideas - one thing that bugs most 
people is that they think KDE is one big chunk of stuff, AKA bloatware. While 
most of this behavior depends on our defaults in startkde, I think it would 
be good to offer people an editor where they can choose which programs to 
start at kde startup. Of course, that would require reading in a 
user-dependent startkde file if it exists, otherwise use the system default.

That way admins of large installations can determine the KDE startup a lot 
better and can even replace the windowmanager easier (you could do that with 
a combo box which one to choose for instance). I found out that many admins 
don't know how KDE is started and that it is way easier than they think it 
works to change KDE's startup; on the other hand users are very picky as well 
if they don't want to change system wide files but just make their own 
startup of KDE.

Seen from that perspective, the startkde script is a really outdated system 
where we should think of something that is easy to customize even for mom and 
dad as well as the sysadmins that have to do their settings, maybe even over 

Any suggestions, ideas ?

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