Highlighting parts of complex widgets in themes

Anders Lund anders.lund at lund.tdcadsl.dk
Wed Dec 17 14:26:09 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 17 December 2003 15:05, Karl Vogel wrote:
> Since I like the gnome Simple theme that much and I couldn't find it for
> KDE, I
> thought I'd have a look at implementing it.
> The thinice engine (the gtk engine used in the simple theme) has
> highlighting of
> the buttons if you move over them. For normal widgets (e.g. buttons) this
> can be
> achieved by installing an event filter that listens for Enter and Leave
> events.
> (like it's also done in the Plastik theme)
> However, this doesn't work for complex widgets like the scrollbar, as it is
> composed of smaller Primitive Elements (arrow up, down, slider). The enter
> and
> leave event is for the entire scrollbar, so that alone can't be used as you
> would highlight the entire widget, while only the Primitive Element should
> be
> highlight.
> I currently implemented this by installing an eventfilter on the scrollbar
> that
> also listens for mouse move events and then records the current mouse
> position
> within the widget. Then I issue a repaint and in the drawing code of the
> Primitive Element, I check if the recorded mouse position is within the
> element.
> In order to receive the mouse move events, I had to enable mouse tracking
> on the
> widget, which I actived in the polish method of the style.
> While this works, I'm wondering if there isn't a better way to do this.. as
> this
> feels kind of hackish and would mock things up if the application changes
> the
> tracking state.

I'd take a look at the docs for QStyle::styleFlags ;)


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