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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed Dec 17 04:13:38 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday 16 December 2003 06:11, Christian Esken wrote:
> > disabled you will get blasted. Does it sound likely? No, because it is
> > *not* likely - one out of all the total nnumber of times you play a
> > sound.
> So I can argue, that backups are nonsense, because most likely you will not
> need them, right? And that fire polices are stupid, because the likeliness
> of my home burning down is extremely low?

not really the same sort of situation =/

> > Considering how often it anyway will happen(with or without new behavior)
> > the user is and must be hardened so who cares? ;-)
> I do care. If it happens one time that a speaker gets blasted due to this
> behaviour, this is too much.

but this is NOT prevented by not autosaving. as i noted in a previous email in 
this thread: if my DVD player sets the volume way high and then doesn't reset 
it,the very next sound played will be too loud. this has nothing to do with 
the volumes being saved for the next session, it can well happen in the same 
session. it can even happen while the DVD is playing (think of email or IM 
notifications). in fact, it's probably most likely to happen during the same 
session rather than after a log out. the "broken speaker" argument is an 
excuse, IMHO, not an actual reason to reverse the change. 

if we are truly concerned about speaker damage, we should provide real-time 
volume normalization that prevents the signal from peaking unreasonably. 

> Additionaly, besides the "blasting" problem, I also believe auto-save is
> counter-productive, because "random" values will be saved. Examples:

and yet the examples you provide are exactly how real-world audio devices 
work: they start at the last volume you left them at the last time! these 
devices work very well, without problems, and without surprise.

the current problem is that people change the volume, and then the next time 
they start the desktop it's right back to where it was. people _expect_ 
volumes to remain, because that's how every other volume-managing device 

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