'/' in filenames (was: How to display file names)

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at kdemail.net
Mon Dec 15 17:05:46 GMT 2003

Christian Mueller wrote:
>So I gained the ability to use slashes in a file name on the KDE level,
>but I lost the constistency between GUI and command line.
>That seems strange to me... is this a general policy?

According to David in his other e-mail, it is in fact the intended behaviour. 
But I think it needs a bit of revision because it's inconsistent. I, for one, 
would oppose allowing '/' in filenames because it creates other 

It appears that all your problems are caused by the same root cause: special 
treatment of % in filenames. This causes:

filename: blah / foo
full path: /tmp/blah %2F foo
(you can't use / in the full path because it's already used for the separator)
prettyURL: file:/tmp/blah %252f foo
url: file:/tmp/blah%20%252ffoo
(or do URLs get %2f instead of %252f? For consistency, maybe prettyURL should 
but not url)

Is '/' the only character being specially encoded or do we have stuff like 
that for '\0', control characters, etc.? 
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