[PATCH] Re: KMix

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Mon Dec 15 05:48:26 GMT 2003

On Sunday 14 December 2003 03:46, Frans Englich wrote:
> On Saturday 13 December 2003 09:50, Christian Esken wrote:
> > On Sunday 07 December 2003 21:06, Frans Englich wrote:
> > > On Sunday 07 December 2003 19:49, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > > On Saturday 06 December 2003 12:25, Frans Englich wrote:
> > > > just saving on Quit is probably good enough... Restore should

If my discussion really nullified the reasons for making save-on-quit 
configurable, I think further GUI cleanup's can be done in kcm_kmix:

1) The obvious Save/Load buttons

2) The "load volumes on startup" since nothing else makes sense

3) The only config-option remaining now is "Maximum number of probed devices 
per mixer" which is there to decrease startup time. Since I want to get rid 
of the kcm_kmix gui I wonder if That Config Option Really Is Necessary(TM)? 
On my system where alsa is broken and OSS is used and works flawlessly, 
running kmixctrl takes 5.652 seconds to run when probing for 15 
mixers(soundcards) and 5.858 when probing for 2. The weirdness is because of 
the statistical grayzone I assume.. Since there wasn't any noticeble time 
difference and if it does not apply only to my system - can't we remove the 
config option and hard code the number? How many sound card can we expect 
someone at maximum has? Four? (Having kcm_kmix' option of 16 is a little 
excessive right? :))
Or, perhaps I got everything wrong. 

In case that option also can be removed, there's no need for the kcm module, 
except on kde login - restoring sound volumes. How is it possible to have an 
kcm_module be loaded at startup but not show up in kcontrol(any 
non-documented desktop entry)? Or how should otherwise this be solved?

Assuming I'm right, ofcourse..


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