Correct mime type of Ogg Vorbis songs

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Sat Dec 13 22:43:15 GMT 2003

On Saturday 13 December 2003 13:50, André Wöbbeking wrote:
> Hi,
> what is the correct mime type for Ogg Vorbis songs?
> - audiocd:/ uses audio/vorbis
> - Konqoueror displays Ogg Vorbis Audio as file type which is
> audio/vorbis
> - renamedlgplugins/audio/audiopreview.cpp tests for application/ogg but
> gets audio/vorbis from the system
renamedlgplugins must be testing in a wrong way, otherwise it wouldnt matter. 
I will look at it when I have time.


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