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Carsten Pfeiffer pfeiffer at
Thu Dec 11 15:19:36 GMT 2003

On Thursday 11 December 2003 00:16, Aaron Seigo wrote:


(yes, I'm still alive, hi everybody :)

> here is a collection of patches that makes Control the modifier for zooming
 when used with the scrollmouse. it affect khtml (and thereby kmail and
> other zooming khtml users), Konq's file management IconView (zooming of
> icon sizes), and KGhostView. the reason for this is two fold:
>  1. as David noted on kfm-devel, Control is a modifier of an action, Shift
> is 
 an "amplifier", so it makes more sense to use Control to modify the
> meaning of the scroll wheel rather than Shift.
>  2. Consistency: KView and QTextEdit uses Control for zoom control, the
> apps 
 affected by the patches below use Shift.

but this would be inconsistent with every other QScrollView then, no? 
QScrollView by default uses Control for fast-scrolling, QTextEdit 
unfortunately overrides that (re-overridden in KTextEdit and KTextBrowser).

So unless you persuade the Trolls to change QScrollView, we wouldn't gain any 
constistency (think about any QListView, , QListBox, QIconView, ...).

Carsten Pfeiffer

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