[Kde-pim] Re: Fwd: Our effort in hijri date

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Mon Dec 8 14:00:24 GMT 2003

Quoting Reinhold Kainhofer <reinhold at kainhofer.com>: 
> Am Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2003 21:44 schrieb Scott Wheeler: 
> > As I recall Saudi Arabia is the only country that uses Hijiri dates for 
> > official proceedings; in the rest of the Islamic world it's used as the 
> > calendar for holidays and such while official events go by Gregorian time. 
> Ah, so we have to keep that in mind when redesigning KOrganizer's holiday  
> plugin... We will then need to add an additional calendar system parameter  
> to the data of a holiday to catch holidays calculated from hijiri dates. 
Which is probably a good idea anyway since this is also true at least for the 
Chinese and Hebrew calendars as well (which are also "lunar" calendars) and 
the Orthodox world uses the Julian calendar for determining their holidays.  
Again, however in most regions that these are used to calculate holidays the 
Gregorian calendar is used for most purposes. 
See http://en2.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendar for more. 

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