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Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Mon Dec 8 12:02:52 GMT 2003

On Sunday 07 of December 2003 21:43, Waldo Bastian wrote:
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> I noticed that when selecting a link in applications such as ksirc and then
> switch desktops, konqueror is being shown on the currently selected desktop
> and not on the desktop from which it was launched.

 The problem is that sending of the startup notification data is done only 
before starting konqueror, but after finding out that konqueror is the thing 
that has to be started in order to handle the URL. KRun needs to be changed 
to send the starting desktop sooner. I didn't get to this yet, and I'm not 
sure what exactly needs to be changed (e.g. the kio dialog should be also 
considered part of the startup).

> I believe this is a regression wrt 3.1

 It isn't. This small problem has been there since the beginning.

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