Fwd: KWallet weaknesses (was: [PATCH] Make pinentry-qt read and store passphrases in KDE 3.2's wallet)

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Sat Dec 6 16:58:18 GMT 2003


> > > it is the easiest solution since you really don't want to have a
> > > suid-root kwalletd.
> >
> > Why not?

Many good reason why to avoid suid binaries in KDE.

> > Suid-root is not bad security wise in every usage case.
> suid is always a security nightmare.

Well, the need for suid is a result of limitations of the traditional unix 
security model. If you dont want to extend in (e.g. capabilities) your are 
bound to its limitations.

On the other hand it might be a good idea to factor our the core parts which 
to a simple, maybe even plain c non GUI daemon. 

In general the approach used for gpg and its KDE integration should be 
definetly secure enough.

-- martin

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