[Bug 68744] Problems with accented characters in file names

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at kdemail.net
Wed Dec 3 01:56:48 GMT 2003

David Faure wrote:
>That's about the char*->QString conversion, which should be done with
>However the code we're talking about is QString->KURL conversion,
>which is something else, isn't it?

It is, but not entirely. Suppose I have a locale of ISO-8859-1, but I am using 
KDE_UTF8_FILENAMES=true. In that case, I can have a file 
called /home/thiago/€uro.txt.

Anyways, the filename is properly decoded into a Unicode QString. But when you 
set it in the query, it will be reencoded into %HH form, since '€' is not 
ASCII. I haven't tested it, but I figured this test should be done as well: 
will the '€' char survive?

I remember having problems with error messages in the error: protocol being 
passed into KHTML for showing (for instance, when typing a non-existing IDN 
domain name). The message contained a non-locale character, which meant that 
KURL decoded that character silently from UTF-8, but when showing the string, 
it had no idea it should use UTF-8 again.

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