[PATCH] Replacing email selection dialog in kmail

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Mon Dec 1 18:20:08 GMT 2003

On Monday 01 December 2003 18:03, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Monday 01 December 2003 03:24, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> > I don't like this argument... It's like "I'd like to have a disc
> > partitioning button in the email selection dialog because I use
> > KMail quite often and do partitioning my hard disc quite often as
> > well...
> addresses are an integral part of mail. people deal with addresses
> everytime they write an email, and there are addresses involved with
> every email they read. because of this inextricable link between
> email and addresses, certain use cases arise. in this case, we're
> dealing with an ADDRESS PICKER, which is quite specifically about
> now, we can choose to ignore this reality or we can decide to do our
> users a favour and provide software that addresses common usage
> patterns.
> > I know neither libkabc nor KAddressBook provide an easy to
> > integrate contact editor at the moment (this will change in
> > KDE4.0), so it's absolutely ok to open KAddressBook at this point.

Well, that's exactly what the old functionality did with the exception 
that it opened KAddressBook in the right mode. I agree with Aaron that 
from the user's POV having the separate buttons is much more 

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