[PATCH] making KDE more independent from X11

Benjamin Reed ranger at befunk.com
Thu Aug 28 20:41:19 BST 2003

Zack Rusin wrote:

  I just don't see it working. I think the problem is that pretty much
> everything is now ifdefed, it wouldn't be a bad thing but it's just 
> covering the problem. Like in the above example we would need an 
> implementation of KWinModule that works on Windows. All not ported 
> classes require now ifdefs and it adds a burden on maintainers who now 
> need to know exactly what works on windows and ifdef it, or else we're 
> gonna be left with not compiling kdelibs on windows with a huge number 
> of ifdefs all over the place. Which is why I suggest that you simply 
> send diffs against the individual libraries so that maintainers of each 
> can look at them and decide whether they want to apply them.

Many of these are things that already have "#ifndef Q_WS_QWS" around X11 
stuff, so it's only changing the defines, not adding them (although 
admittedly not all of the changes are that way).  The current Q_WS_QWS 
defines also imply everything but Qt/Embedded implement X11, which isn't 
exactly right, so at the very least changing all of them would make 
sense to me...  :)

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