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On Donnerstag, 28. August 2003 15:50, Charles Samuels wrote:

[I removed some lines of your mail to make my point clearer]

> With the removal of Kaboodle, Alex and I have been discussing what
> can replace its niche.
> The choices are:
> 	1) Kaboodle, it's re-added and maintained by mostly me and
>          hopefully you too
>       2) Noatun with a --kaboodle option
> The problem with #2 is that we lose Kaboodle's KPart functionality
> (which may not be a problem, nobody really uses the kpart as far
>  as I know).  Not that it is responsible to remove a functionality
> like that.
[thinking about making Noatun a KPart, but:]
> I may not be able to work on Noatun much in the near future
> (university).
> Therefore, I recommend we re-add Kaboodle for the time being.

In case you are right and _really_ nobody is using Koboodle's KPart
functionality I wouldn't see a big benefit in re-adding it.

Having Kaboodle _and_ Noatun would mean having to maintain both of them.

If Noatun can take over and replace kaboodle (at least until somebody
with enough time wants to maintain kaboodle) then we could concentrate
on Noatun for now: IMO it is better to have one app maintained
sufficiently than two apps suffering from poor maintanance due to lack
of time.

Just my 2 pence.  :-)

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