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cullmann at cullmann at
Wed Aug 27 15:05:27 BST 2003

btw., if somebody is interested why didn't write mails before:
 1. don't wanted to feed the trolls
 2. didn't got my stupid strato webmail working :(

But now seems to be time to clarify some stuff.
coolo asked me to look at the stuff and if we can do that changes for one
I thought it should be no problem at all, considering that no real
got up on kde-core-devel and commited the new front page

late in the night there were some discussion about the changes between me
rob, which were not very productive, as I won't switch the page back just

because rob dislikes it (as he is neither maintainer of any
subdomain or something like this) and I have seen noone of the
coredevelopers (which are nearly all here around) objecting. rob gotten
fast personal (look at for that, shouldn't be
the way people talk to each other if they are even in the same e.V. :( )
and quotes me complete out of context. I said this "50% sentences" for
real, but he was speaking there about some kind of poll on kde-www at list
which makes nearly no sense, as there are much more people subscribed that
don't care about our webpage at all than maintainer.

I see only one fault in my behaviour: me missed to contact the other 2 maintainers, that wasn't that nice I guess and there should have
been some CC in the commit to core-devel at least I guess. But as far I
got no "that was wrong" mail from the other maintainers, and therefor
can't see a that big problem with that (rainer, jason, if you complained
but I am too stupid to find the mail in my crappy webmail interface,
sorry, than please resend it to kde-www)

my revert: is was not about the spelling fixes, but only about the removed
redirection, I think it is a wrong signal to remove that, especially as
pages like does the redirect too (even with the same delay) and
it would be like falling them in the back to silently change that in my
perhaps I was a bit to fast today with that, but after reading cap's blog
I was kind of ...., better not writing that here.


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