Software patent protest, could kde participate ?

Christopher Molnar molnar at
Wed Aug 27 03:47:02 BST 2003

Just the comment that people who go to KDE should get to KDE.  I really 
do not think we should auto-redirect. Some companies that use/support 
KDE may have some software patents. Shouldn't KDE remain neutral?


On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 03:18 PM, Stephan Kulow wrote:

> Am Monday 25 August 2003 20:55 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:
>> I very much agree.
> OK, we'll redirect* to
> for a day.
> Does anyone have strong objections?
> Greetings, Stephan (after having talked to the sysadmins :)
> -- 
> "SCO doesn't have enough understanding of the case to be able
> to lie convincingly. Indeed they have so little understanding
> that it's difficult to accuse them of lying." - Greg Lehey

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