Software patent protest, could kde participate ?

Frerich Raabe raabe at
Wed Aug 27 02:38:42 BST 2003

Am Wednesday 27 August 2003 03:26 schrieb Navindra Umanee:
> Rob Kaper <cap at> wrote:
> > I'm sorry but this was just rushed into and form a PR perspective thowing
> > down websites is a bad idea, generally.

From a PR perspective, making people aware of KDE's position towards this 
issue is a Good Thing, not only because KDE is affected by the decisions made 
upon this patent-right proposal.

> It's quite unlikely to accomplish anything though.

If just one percent of the visitors of,, and the 
other sites becomes aware of the issues tied to logic patents, then it was 

In my opinion, the advantages (making people aware of this problem, and 
pointing out what the majority of KDE contributors thinks about it) outweight 
the disadvantages (one single day during which it takes you one additional 
click to get to the usual content).

- Frerich

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