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On Tuesday August 26, 2003 05:32, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 August 2003 04:37, Neil Stevens wrote:
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> > So KDE CVS is now officially a platform for political protest?
> for matters that directly impact KDE, i personally don't see a problem
> with it.
> if it were a "Save The Whales" or "Vote For Schwarzenegger  in '03" that
> would be one thing. but it isn't. this is an issue that impacts KDE and
> that which it relies on and stands for directly (Free / Open Source
> software). if we don't make our collective voice heard, we really have
> no defensible position to rail against it when/if it's too late.

Anything that "directly impact KDE" developers in any one country or group 
of countries.  That's a pretty vague standard.

> and speaking of improper use of resources, shouldn't we be discussing
> this on kde-policy rather than here?

I'm continuing it here because it was started here, and Stephan Kulow asked 
for objections here.

If you want to CC policies, that's fine.  But as of now www.kde.org is 

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