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Andras Mantia amantia at freemail.hu
Tue Aug 26 22:16:56 BST 2003

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I never really used, and it's really a bad idea to have two places for 
theming. I'm for removing it.


On Tuesday 26 August 2003 22:03, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi all...
> perhaps it is time for the Theme Manager control panel to be put out to
> pasture. i say this because:
>  o it has some rather nasty bugs, including one that causes KDE to become
> completely unstable. (BR#62801) this has been reported more than once on
> b.k.o as well as on IRC and mailing lists. =/
>  o it duplicates the functionality of KDE's native theming capabilities, 
> only serves to make the Appearance & Themes kcontrol section even less clear
> and more cluttered.
>  o development seems to be slow/lagging[1]. in spite of being around for 
> some time, it has some very nasty defects and things like the Create...
> button are, as far as i can tell, completely useless due to being only
> partially implemented. for something as visible and important as a "Theme
> Manager" i don't think this casts a good light on KDE.
>  o the theming method it uses is rather antequated, to say the least, and 
> not  utilize KDE's standard theming systems. as such it represents a
> duplication of efforts for results that aren't up to what KDE is capable of.
>  o we only ship with a handful of themes, none of which are all that
> flattering for KDE's image, IMHO. i seemto remember some of these themes 
> the KDE1 days. the Default theme's screenshot even shows a KDE2 desktop!
> now, i'm sure that there are people out there who use and even like the 
> Manager, as is true with every part of KDE no matter how many warts it has 
> to those people i'd suggest making it a stand-alone KDE add-on that can be
> downloaded seperately.
> thoughts?
> [1] there were a few commits by Waldo this year to do things like add font
> support, but those were relatively small changes code-wise. lukas seems to 
> the primary contributor to it; he made a substantial commit in October of
> '02, and a port of KDE2 patches in February of '02.
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