KAction bug?

Anders Lund anders.lund at lund.tdcadsl.dk
Mon Aug 25 23:35:28 BST 2003


The kate "toggle bookmark" action is since some time failing in some certain 
circumstances. Since I can't see that this should be a problem in Kate, I 
suspect it is a problem in KAction or KActionMenu.

Katepart is using a KActionMenu to hold its bookmarks, as well as some 
funtions to manipulate those, like "toggle bookmark" which toggles the 
bookmark of the current line.

This KActionMenu is included in the Menubar of the katerc file.

The manipulation actions are plugged into the KActionMenu during the 
construction of the object, and is allways present - that is, plugged into 
the QPopupMenu() of the KActionMenu.

This works fine in KWrite, or in Kate, if only one document is open, but if 
multiple documents are open, pressing the shortcut for the action is not 
activating the currently active document, rather it activates the action in 
the open docments for which there is a view in turn, so that if ther are 3 
documents open, a bookmark will be toggled in the current document at the 3rd 
time the shortcut is pressed.

I could probably work around this by not using KActionMenu, but since it 
should -- as far as I can see -- work, I ask if anyone working with libkdeui 
feels responsible. If it is not fixed soon, I will have to change Kate to not 
use that class for this feature.

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