Software patent protest, could kde participate ?

Germain Garand germain at
Sun Aug 24 23:19:30 BST 2003

Le Samedi 23 Août 2003 13:41, Christophe Devriese a écrit :
> I don't think we can afford to let this happen. If software patents are
> approved, and someone attacks kde, kde will have no means of defending
> itself (successful defense against a patent lawsuit means getting the
> patent invalidated, estimated legal cost : 500.000 euro (because they will
> appeal right up to the superior court) per patent.

I fully agree with Christophe. 
It would be great to have KDE support the on-line demonstration
on 27 th, or at least issue an official statement about Software Patents.

This is beyond mere politics and involves the very future of the KDE project.
Isn't that worth some kind of concern?

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