Globals, Namespaces, and Documentation

Anders Lund anders.lund at
Thu Aug 21 15:50:49 BST 2003

On Thursday 21 August 2003 14:37, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Thursday August 21, 2003 12:51, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > On Thursday 21 August 2003 00:05, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > > A namespace list is already generated, and
> > > kdelibs/doc/common/header.html has a link for it.  It's just that the
> > > link is commented out, so you have to type the namespace list URL
> > > manually to get to it.
> >
> > Wouldn't make sense in common anyway as I guess not every documented
> > module has namespaces.
> Does the header change for every library then?  I wasn't aware of that.

I try again: 

The header we use is not the default doxygen header, and when i created the 
header/footer files, there were no way to add those links using variables. I 
don't know if there is now, but i'll find out when i get the time (maybe on 
my way to praha).

If not, maybe we should provide a patch for doxygen.. 

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